Pavel Novikau

An engineer, an analyst of complex business processes and product designer.

In the past few years, my area of interest is to create new ways to help people live better with modern digital technologies.

Passion for simplicity, minimalism, beauty, UI & graphic design, rapid product development, writing and learning.


серия текстов про поиск философии жизни.
простой, понятной и полезной.

набор с текстами про экономический кризис 2020 и методы или способы его преодоления.

просто размышления на разные темы.


21 years of experience in the electronics industry. Creation, development, production, sale, support.

16 years of experience in managing the company for more than 200 people.

14 years of experience in organizing the joint work of many contractors in the transformation of business.

8 years of experience in the development of mobile applications, product management and design.